Chama Investment Loan

This product targets any collection of individuals in form of a Chama, whose objective is the pooling together of capital or other resources with the aim of using the collated resources for investment purposes.


  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  • Copy of CR 12 (validity period 90 days)
  • Copy of company KRA PIN
  • Copies of Directors’ ID and PIN
  • Copies of Memorandum and Articles of Association for limited company
  • Copy of a partnership deed in case of a Partnership
  • Directors’/proprietors’ resolution to borrow in case of limited company


  • Duly completed and signed Application Form under company seal
  • Duly executed Directors Personal guarantees
  • Resolution to borrow signed by share holders
  • Cash flow projections if applicable
  • Bank statements for at least the last 6 months, if banking elsewhere
  • Copy of the letter(s) of offer from other institutions, if servicing other facilities
  • Copy of the valuation report, if available


  • Copy of the identification document(s) for all parties in the borrowing
  • Copies of the security document(s) e.g. title deed, logbook and NSE share statement e.t.c.
  • Bills of quantities for construction indicating value of works done and value of remaining works
  • A list of all the shareholders/members and their contact details
  • Identification documents for all the shareholders


  • Minimum loan amount Kes. 300,000
  • Maximum loan amount up to Kes. 40 million
  • Maximum repayment period of up to 120 months
  • Financing 100% of the project cost


  • Sale agreement for Property purchase
  • Proforma invoice for asset acquisition
  • BQs, Approved Architectural and Structural drawings, County approvals and permits for construction for construction projects.
Forex Rates by September 20, 2023
USD: BUY 146.50 SELL 152.60GBP: BUY 180.50 SELL 188EUR: BUY 155.85 SELL 163.35