• Processing of files & preparation of disbursement forms upon receipt of files approved for disbursement; and maintenance of a monthly list/schedule of all disbursements for the month and outstanding (if any).
  • Procure, the registration of logbooks, Security Agreements, and stamping of documents.
  • Following up on instructions issued to external lawyers for security perfection and litigation, and ensuring that they are handled in a timely manner within approved TATs
  • Preparation of legal documents including contracts, leases, & MOUs, whenever called upon to do so by any department or branch of the Bank through the unit head and ensuring their completeness before handing the signed & stamped document for custody.
  • Assist in the drawing up and review of legal procedures, policies, and Bank products
  • Review of pleadings and other supporting documents prior to filing of applications, cases, claims, defenses, and responses
  • Prepare monthly litigation reports for the department for management & quarterly reports on changes/advances in statute and case law for the board
  • Maintaining department’s litigation diary.


  • Bachelor of Laws degree (LL. B) from a recognized University (M)
  • Diploma – KSL (M)
  • AKIB or other professional qualification (AA)
  • 6 months pupilage in a busy commercial law firm in the commercial department (M)
  • Practical experience acquired through working in a banking institution; working knowledge of banking business acquired through participation in facility structure meetings, Due diligence exercises and management of non-performing loan portfolio to reduce outstanding.
  • 2 years Banking experience (Added Advantage).

Desirable skills

  • Analytical skills
  • Adaptability/Flexibility
  • Accountability
  • Ethical
  • Strong organization skills
  • Good Communication skills