Our Loans

We offer you a way to grow your business through our borrowing solutions.

Kingdom Bank Trade Finance Solutions

Our Trade Finance solutions and products position your business and financial activities on a stronger footing to be able to close in on deals and deliver the final product. Our products position your business strongly at every step of the way from Bid Bonds, Performance Guarantees, Advance Payment Guarantees to Letters of Credit. Kingdom Bank is your trusted partner in this regard.

LPO Financing

This product is designed for contractors and vendors of reputable organizations to enable them execute work and local purchase orders from the respective employers.

Insurance Premium Financing

This is a facility that enables customers to pay their insurance premium in installments rather than one lump sum, to preserve cash flow or for other economic considerations, while getting an insurance cover immediately. Kingdom Bank disburses the facility directly to the insurance company.

Overdraft Facility

One must be a customer of Kingdom Bank for more than 3 months and should demonstrate the ability to pay.

Kingdom Bank Customs Duty Facility

This facility creates a faster way of settlement of duty charges to Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) and avoid penalties. The facility is available to traders who import vehicles.

Invoice Discounting

Short-term borrowing often used to improve a company’s working capital and cash flow position. Our Invoice discounting facility allows a business to obtain funds against its sales invoices issued to their Buyers. The buyers will be subject to an internal appraisal and financing will be up to 80%.

Forex Rates by September 20, 2023
USD: BUY 146.50 SELL 152.60GBP: BUY 180.50 SELL 188EUR: BUY 155.85 SELL 163.35