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Enterprise Insurance Solutions

Trade, Transport & Logistics

This provides indemnity for loss or damage to covers: retails, wholesalers and manufacturers. The insurance options included in this are Business Combined Policy, Motor Insurance Marine Insurance and Trade Credit.
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Construction & Real Estate

The coverage of this segment provides indemnity against Fire; Lightning; Explosion; Earthquake and Landslides; Riots, Strike and malicious damage; Flooding and water damage; Falling/Aerial devices.
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We offer coverage for professionals in all fields like doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers, accountants, manager and many more. This segment provides financial protection to professionals should the need arise in the course of offering professional services.
Marine Insurance

Learning Institutions and Churches

Our solutions provide added assurance to groups with assets, buildings, computer labs and generators. Some of these solutions are Group Personal Accident cover, last expense , and disability.
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Our range of solutions in this segment are geared at mitigating the shocks and risks that are associated with Agriculture.
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Personal Insurance Solutions

Home Insurance

This will cover Private residential dwelling, walls, outbuildings and gates, Contents, Movable items (All Risks), Domestic Servants, Owner's Liability, Occupiers Liability.
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Motor Insurance

Motor insurance generally covers accidental damage to the insured motor vehicle; theft of the vehicle; and third party claims.
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Medical Insurance

We have medical insurance products designed to cover individuals and families.
Marine Insurance

Education Policy

The product is embedded to Toto Bora Account. The customer will have a desired savings amount after the stated period.
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Salary Protection Policy

This offers compensation to formally employed individuals who lose their jobs through no fault of their own. The product also has a life cover that provides income protection for the individual’s family in the unfortunate event they die.
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Travel insurance

It provides coverage for unexpected risks and financial losses that can occur before a trip starts and while you are traveling, including cancellations, baggage, medical emergencies, and more. It is purchased for short and long trips; and either domestic or international trips
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Card insurance

It provides coverage for unexpected risks and financial losses that can occur when you lose your card or if it is misused.
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