i). Business Development Management

  • Carry out market intelligence and market research to identify needs of the sector development of responsive products.
  • Seek opportunities and provide the sector monthly, quarterly, yearly development and performance report.
  • Develop models that increase market access to the Bank.
  • Develop suitable agribusiness products, programs, template, checklist and ensure they are operational.
  • Seek feedback from RMs and Business Bankers on their unique market needs and develop products or programs that are suitable and customer centric.
  • Develop, ensure approval and seek to popularize all agricultural products.
  • Development of project proposals, business plans and M.O.Us.
  • Regular review/appraisal of the Bank’s agribusiness products
  • Seek to cross-sell Bank products.
  • Work closely with Ministry of Industry, Trade and Co-operatives and MoA officers in order to maintain a competitive edge in the industry by being ahead of the competition in all Agribusiness ventures.
  • Establish close contact and pursue opportunities with the various directories of AFA
  • Assist in seeking funds from development partners and other key donors running agriculture programs.
  • Spearhead business growth by supporting the HOD and a team of bankers on the sales force excellency model
  • Significant contribution to the growth of cheap and stable deposit volumes
  • Support the Department’s growth in Non-funded income while focusing on new opportunities for the same.
  • Constant review of RMs account plans with a clear focus of ensuring that opportunities identified are converted into closed deals while also ensuring that NFIs are given priority.
  • Work closely with relevant Government agencies and development partners in order to maintain a competitive edge in the industry by being ahead of the competition in all Agri Co-operatives and Agribusiness ventures
  • Grow agricoops and agribusines accounts by bringing in new customers
  • Growing quality credit deal pipeline and volumes
  • Manage credit accounts to eliminate opportunities of the same becoming bad
  • Broaden the consumption base of the Bank products by the agricoops/agribusiness- creating awareness of the existing products and sell the same to Co-operatives
  • Carry out market research and intelligence relevant to the development of Co-operatives and other agribusiness business and satisfaction of the customers’ needs. Arising from the survey results, develop the necessary products and business strategies.
  • Enhance contact with the customer to identify ant latent issues and immediately act on the same.
  • Ensure collaboration and support to branches, product houses and other departments within the Bank.
  • Assist in development and constant review of accounts plans with clear wallet sizes and customer profiles.
  • Seek to acquire new customers in Agri-business
  • Assist in preparation of seminars and workshops.
  • Act as an efficient back-up as assigned.

ii). Business Development –Donor partnerships

  • Prepare project proposals to solicit for donor funding
  • Member of the Steering committee of donor supported projects
  • Implement donor supported projects
  • Ensure that proper accounting records are maintained and required periodic returns prepared and submitted on time to the respective bodies.
  • Maintain good working relations with donors and other development partners


i).Client Management

  • Develop and update comprehensive account plans for each of the clients under management –Ensure the 3Cs of account plans are fully entrenched as per SFE guidelines
  • Develop and maintain regular structured customer contact through visits.
  • Follow-up and ensure action on issues derived from customer visits
  • Ensure prompt resolution to all other customer issues/complaints/queries raised
  • Attend [and participate where necessary] customer Education Days and Annual General Meetings
  • Advise customers on best business practices
  • Planning, target setting and performance review of client relationships in order to optimize returns from each client
  • Act as efficient back-up for assigned back – up relationships
  • Collect and analyze vital data on clients i.e annual reports, interim reports, industry reports and press cuttings etc to acquire in-depth knowledge which will enable the PM act as an adviser to management on all aspects of assigned account relationships

ii).Credit Appraisal Request

Achieve a credit appraisal turnaround time as per policy

The PM shall be required to carry-out a quality appraisal through:

  • Establishing the customers character normally seen in the conduct of the account held in the Bank, third party opinions etc
  • Confirming that the requested amount together with the customer’s contribution is adequate to finance the purpose for which the loan is required.
  • Establishing the customer’s financial performance over at least the last four years – commenting on the relevant ratios and performance trend. Compare performance with the industry average.
  • Visiting and inspecting the customer’s Premises and commenting on the adequacy and appropriateness of the Structures, Systems and Procedures in terms of servicing the requested facility.
  • Confirming the customer’s repayment ability through reviewing the completeness of the budgeted cash flow statement and fairness of the underlying assumptions
  • Forecasting on the environmental factors that have a bearing to the performance of the customer
  • Inspecting the proposed security property and commenting on it’s adequacy and ease of sale if need be.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Commerce/Business related field.
  • Other requirements specific to the role:
  • Certification in Agri financing, Credit management
  • Experience working with cooperatives
  • Communicates effectively and can explain complex Business issues
  • 5 Years working experience preferably in banking.