• Formulate, design, and review product and platform strategies that competitively address identified and emergent market opportunities
  • Engagement with customer-owners and market activators to achieve product/platform uptake and utilization targets
  • Periodic review of existing products and platforms to enhance their offering in the market to ensure product continuously yields expected benefits
  • Responsible for identifying and reporting potential and actual Money Laundering Risk, including suspicious transactions in accordance with the laid down AML policies & procedures

Main activities

  • Full responsibility for assigned sector product lines and all sales and business development activities for the bank
  • Develop business opportunities and monitor business’s activities in line with the Bank’s long-term strategic and annual business plans and ensure that the Bank remains competitive and promptly reacts to changing market conditions and customer needs
  • Implement a focused relationship management system, which increases the Bank’s ability to increase the flow of business and generate deposits, lending, and revenues from existing and new customers in line with the enterprise strategy
  • Put in place an MIS system that will enable continuous tracking of the sectors performance, Customer and Product profitability, and customer satisfaction
  • Enhance relationship marketing and management – to establish, maintain, and enhance relationships with customers and other partners, at a profit, so that both the customer and bank objectives are met achieved by a mutual exchange and fulfillment of the brand promise
  • Practice strategic marketing by focusing on how to develop competitive advantage into the changing marketplace and leveraging on the banks distinctive capabilities to drive value
  • Enhance value creation by creating, communicating, delivering, and offering solutions that have value for customers, shareholders, and partners
  • Build the Kingdom Bank Brand to ensure that the bank is top of mind as an enterprise bank
  • Develop innovative solutions that will be delivered through branches and electronic channels that respond to market needs or identify gaps in the market.
  • Build a base of promoters by enhancing positive customer experience and advocacy to drive competitive advantage, leading to faster organic growth and lower cost
  • Create a differentiated customer experience design, tailored to target customer needs and optimize customer interactions with the brand, offerings, and touchpoints to consistently deliver
  • Periodically review existing products based on customer feedback and market trends to ensure continuous product utilization


  • University Degree – Upper second or equivalent
  • 5 years work experience in Sales, Business Development, Relationship Management, or Product Development in a financial services environment
  • Experience in implementation of electronic platforms and solutions
  • Excellent understanding of the Bank’s Strategy and ability to interpret this and map it to the market now and plan future