Training and Development

  • Identify training and development needs within Kingdom Bank through job analysis, appraisal schemes and regular consultation with departmental Heads and Head of human resources.
  • Develop training and development programs and objectives, and budget for the Bank.
  • Administer spending against the departmental budget.
  • Obtain and /or develop effective training materials utilizing a variety of media.
  • Plan and assess the ‘return on investment’ of any training or development programs.
  • Monitor and review the progress of trainees through questionnaires and discussions with managers.
  • Ensure that statutory training requirements are met.
  • Evaluate training and development programs.

Records Management

  • Ensuring that data is protected.
  • Classifying and indexing records
  • Destroying or archiving finished data/records
  • Ensuring that records are easily accessible when needed.
  • Developing record distribution and storage policies.
  • Potentially overseeing the transition from paper to electronic management systems.

   Risk management

  • Review/monitor the risk management decisions.
  • Carry out quarterly risk assessment for the departments.

 Labor Law Compliance

Ensure that the organization: –

  • Contacts proper Education and Training about compliance regulations.
  • Creates an Employee Handbook and Updates it Regularly.
  • Conducts Scheduled HR Compliance Audits.
  • Upholds workplace safety requirements as defined by the Occupational Safety and Health Association and keeping up with the various worker safety legislative changes.
  • Operates within the law and meets current regulatory standards.
  • Promotes compliance culture.
  • Is conversant to current regulatory and compliance changes.

  Performance Management

  • Specifying preferred outcomes, called goal setting, for the employees.
  • Weight, or prioritize the employee’s desired outcomes in numeric ranking form from 1-5 or percentage level of time spent in work.
  • Identifying first-level measures by considering most reliable, valid, practical measurements to evaluate the accomplishment of employee’s desired outcomes.
  • Identifying standards for evaluating the achieved outcomes in terms of below expectations, exceeds expectations, and meets expectations.
  • Documenting a performance plan that includes measures, desired outcomes, and standards.
  • Conducting ongoing measurements and observations to track an employee performance exchanging ongoing feedback on performance to them.
  • Conducting a performance appraisal or performance review and reward for performance if an employee meets the desired performance level.
  • Developing or updating performance development or improvement plan to handle the performance gap if an employee does not meet the required performance level.

Occupational Health and Safety

  • Making worker safety and health a core organizational value.
  • Eliminating hazards, protecting workers, and continuously improving workplace     safety and health.
  • Providing sufficient resources to implement and maintain the safety and health program.
  • Visibly demonstrate and communicate employee safety and health commitment to workers and others.

Human Resource Planning & Budgeting

  • Forecasting of Manpower requirements.
  • Controlling/Monitoring the Policies for ensuring that the right kind of people in right numbers, are selected for the right position and in right time.
  • Driving the annual planning and the annual budgeting process for HR Department, and throughout the year monitoring actual Versus budget performance monthly.
  • Acting as a Project Management Officer for HR Department
  • Looking for ways to increase the efficiency and performance in HR Department
  • Custodian of HR Department calendar
  • Talent Management


  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management (Must)
  • CHRP(K) or ongoing
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience as a HR Officer in Banking / Microfinance industry
  • Must be a member of a HR professional body.
  • Experience in recruitment and selection, Employee relationships, Payroll Administration, will be an added advantage.
  • Proficiency in use of MS office tools.